Partner with MedPic to achieve the greatest cost savings in claims negotiations.

MedPic LLC provides cost containment services, delivering a quick and reliable solution to maximize healthcare savings for our clients. We are the experts in medical and hospital claim audit, review and negotiation. Our team has 20 years of negotiation experience and long-standing relationships with healthcare providers throughout the country.

We have a 90% success rate with our claim negotiations. We are so confident of our savings potential that the groups and companies we work for pay nothing until our negotiation is complete and the claim has been reduced.

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Our Services:

"I have had the privilege of working with MedPic and I am so impressed with the superior results they have achieved in negotiating medical bills with hospitals and physicians all over the United States. MedPic has earned an outstanding reputation within the healthcare industry.

Daphney Elliott

VP Business Development, Chapman Consulting

Why Choose MedPic:

  • We consistently achieve significantly higher cost savings than the industry average
  • We are a trusted resource for both our clients and healthcare providers
  • We are committed to fairness, integrity and client loyalty