Our Approach

At MedPic, we know the right people to talk to and can immediately contact them about your medical claim. Our years of experience and long list of contacts allow us to quickly resolve your billing issues while achieving the best outcome.



Our direct outreach
Our highly experienced staff members speak directly with healthcare providers to arrive at a mutually acceptable reimbursement rate for the services provided, with no balance billing to the insured.



Our proactive process
Follow up is done daily to complete the terms of the agreement for quicker turn-around time. Once our negotiation is complete, a signed agreement stating the reduced reimbursement is obtained for every claim.



Our strong relationships
Our strategic negotiation techniques combined with our years of experience enable our team to consistently achieve a significant discount in claims paid to the provider. We have longstanding, quality partnerships with both our clients and healthcare providers. This allows us to achieve a fair and equitable reimbursement for all involved parties.



Our business intelligence
MedPic implements a strategic approach to cost containment. While other firms often rely on looking up the appropriate billing codes, our proprietary software is a purpose-built platform that tracks many more variables. This allows us to apply business intelligence to the negotiation process. We look at the totality of the claim—the provider, the claim and the patient—to determine the maximum savings.


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