Services We Offer

We work with self-funded insurance programs, worker’s compensation firms, brokers, third-party administrators and individuals to reduce your costs throughout the full cycle of patient care.

We are the experts in cost containment services and operate a fully HIPAA-compliant organization. We review medical and hospital services on both a prospective and retrospective basis. Once medical claims are received for a patient, we analyze the claims to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the charges. We then negotiate directly with the healthcare providers upon your behalf to reduce the charges.

By partnering with MedPic, clients frequently achieve a 38% reduction on the claims they send to us.

We handle all kinds of medical and hospital claims, including:

  • In-network and out-of-network PPOs
  • In-patient and out-patient hospitalization
  • Ambulance and air transportation
  • Surgery centers
  • Medical equipment
  • Diagnostics and testing
  • Radiology
  • Home physical therapy
  • Dialysis
  • Oncology

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