Individual Patients

Making sure you are paying the right amount for the medical services you received can be a daunting task if you have emergency care, complex claims or complicated medical conditions. MedPic serves as your advocate throughout the claims review and payment process, ensuring that you pay a fair amount for the services you received.

MedPic works with individuals in the following areas to save on the out of pocket cost of medical services:

  • Medical Bill Review & Negotiation services for individuals who are seeking to reduce the cost of the medical care they received.
  • Resolving issues with your insurance company to maximize the amount of services that the insurer will pay. This can include working with the insurer so the insurer covers services at in-network rates and helping you navigate the insurer’s formal appeal process.
  • Negotiating with facilities for a reduced cost for future treatments or services.
  • Advising you on financial assistance and charitable programs that are available to help pay the patient responsibility portion of your medical bills.

The entire MedPic organization is HIPAA-compliant. We offer an easy and secure process to transfer claim information by fax, secured email, FTP site or EDI.