Medical Bill Review

Errors on medical and hospital bills can and often do happen. These include data entry mistakes, a procedure that was incorrectly coded, claims that are wrongly priced, or services that are inappropriately bundled.

By partnering with MedPic, self-insured companies and third-party administrators often reduce the cost of their medical and hospital claims
by at least 38%.

The MedPic team analyzes and uncovers billing errors by utilizing our proprietary software that examines all variables of the claim, not just the billing code. We utilize numerous sources for correct market-price information which empowers our negotiation process.

Our system to submit your claims is easy and safe. You can forward your claims to MedPic by fax, secured email, FTP site, or EDI. Make sure to include all available documentation given to you by the healthcare provider, along with the claimant information, if available.

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